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Welcome to Atlanta Caster & Equipment

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Welcome to the World of Wheels, Casters,and Material Handling Supplies!


At Atlanta Caster and Equipment, we have every solution to meet your needs.  Whether it is towline applications, severe heavy duty loads, or just some replacement wheels for your office furniture...we have it!


We receive many questions from customers like you every day, trying to solve their wheel, caster or material handling need.  Here are a few we would like to share with you:

1. "Do you sell products for hospitals? I need a caster that is sanitary, that won't grow mold or bacteria. What do you suggest?"

- There are many products that might work for you.  Albion makes an anti-microbial wheel that is proven to suppress the growth of microbes that might cause bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and odors.  There are also nylon wheels that do not absorb water when a cart is washed down, as this also helps mold, etc. from growing.  Many manufacturers make similar products in this category including RWM, Darnell-Rose, Tente, Allgood, Durable, etc.  We can help you find the best stainless steel caster and wheel solution that fits your application and budget.

2. " I need a wheel that will stop making marks on my hardwood floors in our showrooms? Is there such a thing?"

- Thermo plastic rubber wheels do not make marks on your floors.  Several manufacturers make them, Albion, RWM, Faultless, Darcor, Collson, Durable, etc.  They are are very economical and come in several sizes.  We have a new product that we a showcasing this month called the XS Wheel. This wheel is non-marking, rolls great and also reject metal chips. This wheel is great for many applications including showrooms, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, factories and more! Check out this web site for further details and pricing information.

3. " I need a medium heavy duty wheel that rolls great. It needs to support at least 1,000 lbs total including cart and load."

- Well let's start out with the math..divide 1,000 lbs by 3 (not for wheels as this will allow for the cart to be towed or moved), so the average individual wheel capacity needs to be 334 lbs.  A 6x2 mold on rubber on cast iron wheel with a steel fork can support 410 lbs each. The larger top plate of 5 x 5-1/2 is great for medium heavy duty towing applications on cages or carts.  Albion, RWM, Hamilton, Durable, Trew, Faultless all make great products in this category. Let us find the best one that meets you needs!


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